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At Freeman Farm, we breed a cross of Berkshire hog with other heritage breeds. We process our meat locally with as many natural ingredients as possible. Our pork is happily grazed on the land and fed local produce and kitchen extras and get special treats of local organic milks, yogurts and whey.

We offer three direct ways to purchase our pork: individual cuts at the farmers market, through a CSA share, or by ordering a half or whole animal. Please read below for further details on each.  

Farmers Market

We’re happy to deliver specific orders to any of our markets, please just send us a note ahead of time.

Pork CSA

Our 6-month CSA shares can be started anytime of the year and we offer two convenient options for pick up in either Ashfield or Shelburne Falls (exact times and location tbd). We're also open to coordinating an on farm pickup if you can't make it to our drops offs that week. Pay upfront or make monthly payments. Please email or call us sign up for a share.

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Starter Share

10 pounds of pork a month (60 pounds total). Great for 1-2 adults who eat meat semi-regularly.

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Middle Man Share

100 pounds of pork total (18# the first and last months and 16# the other three). Perfect for 2 adults who eat meat regularly.

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The Oinker Share

25 pounds of pork each month (150 pounds total). Perfect for a family of 4-5 who eat meat regularly.


Farm Sampler Share

200 pounds of an assortment of beef, pork and chicken. 34# the first and last months and 33# the other three months.

Sausage Share

10 pounds of pork sausage each month (60 pounds total), including maple, hot Italian and sweet Italian.

Whole & Half Pigs

In addition to our CSA shares you can also order a whole or half animal and get the specific cuts you want all at once, saving time and money. You'll need to fill out a cut sheet to indicate the exact cuts you'd like but don't worry Mike is here to help with this. Please email us to place an order, we’ll have you refer to one of the cut sheets to the right.

Whole pigs are anywhere from $600-$800 averaging 150-225 hanging weight. Half pigs are usually $300-$400.